Jongwon Park
Hello! 안녕!
Call me Jongwon, a Korean UIUC CS '25.
My interests: NLP, Multimodal Learning, Decentralized Finance, Quantitative Finance
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Papers & Interests
Independent Research
Deep Learning, NLP (first paper!)
Continual BERT: Continual Learning for Adaptive Extractive Summarization of COVID-19 Literature
A novel BERT structure to assimilate the learning mechanism of humans via active learning and knowledge consolidation.
Deep Learning, CV
Application of Convolutional Neural Network on Beekeeping
Detecting and tracking honeybees with advanced CNN network and my custom dataset.
Deep Learning, RNN
Integrating Recurrent Neural Network into Technical Analyses of Stock Market
Using LSTM to predict the near-future price trend of Bitcoin with data only.
Park Jong Won
Personal website to showcase papers and projects and a playground to experiment with new designs and features. Since 2013.
KSA Illinois
Manage a team of developers to maintain and enhance the website for KSA Illinois, the largest Korean Student Association in the US. Since mid 2021.
Deerfield Scroll
Modernized Deerfield's student-led newspaper website to enable better interaction and promote online presence. Since late 2019.
Developed to provide a convenient website to get the latest data and reports on COVID-19. Since early March 2020.
URL Shortener
The desire for a fast and human-readable url shortener led to the creation of this system. Since mid 2018.
ACS Check System
The need to create a unified website to manage disciplinary checks led to the creation of this website. After two years of extensive usage by teachers, the school replaced its disciplinary system.
Decentralized Finance
List of all DeFi exploits and attacks (Gutted DeFi).
Portfolio management for Kucoin exchange using its API.
OnePlace Illinois API
Server API for ACM Mobile's project to unify student resources at UIUC. I designed complex DB schemas and implemented the system using Node.js, PostgreSQL, and other frameworks.
Coinwis API
Crypto data hub, aggregating market data and news.
Stock Market
Technical Indicators
Widely used technical indicators written in Javascript`
JavaScript Library
Super lightweight and awesome vanilla javascript parallax scrolling library to address some issues in other similar libraries
My Story
Bosingak Bell
Profile Picure
63 Color of Art
Although I'm from Korea, I've spent the half of my life abroad — four years in Indonesia and five in the US. Most recently, I've graduated from Deerfield Academy and now I'm majoring in Computer Science at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC).
I began coding at the age of 12, starting with website languages. After four years of coding only websites, I got into Python and Machine Learning (2017). I showcased my first ML project at a local science fair in Rochester, winning many top awards (Integrating Recurrent Neural Network into Technical Analyses of Stock Market).
Around that time, I also got into cryptocurrency. I'm more interested in the technical aspects of cryptocurrency, especially the Decentralized Finance and Distributed Ledger Technology. I've also experimented with crypto trading, and I've learned the art of hedging positions with options & liquidty mining (market making).
I still program websites, but I'm gradually transitioning into backend SW works and ML. I hope to pursue a Ph.D. in either CS or Statistics, and later work in either the Finance sector (Quant/DeFi) or cutting-edge ML labs.
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